Is a 4-day workweek coming? Bernie Sanders is trying.

Has the tech layoff bleeding stopped? 7-day AI email course. AI usage in the workplace is way up.


While the world searches for Princess Kate 👸🏻, we’re all over here searching for employment. This week we’ll dive into tech layoffs slowing, Sen. Bernie pushing for a shorter workweek, and then leave you with some job seeker tools that’ll help you step up your game.


📉 Has the bleeding stopped?

2024 started off explosively with dozens of tech companies deploying new rounds of large layoffs. In January alone, there were 34,000+ tech employees let go from 121 different companies. However, February passed and those monthly numbers were cut in half. Here we are more than halfway through March, and the the trajectory of those numbers have dropped more than 90%. Any week that it’s hard fill in the ‘Notable Layoffs’ section, it’s a solid signal that companies are nearing the lean stature that they’ve been pursuing the last 2 years.

Tech layoffs in 2022-2024

Notable Layoffs this Week


📰 Bernie Sanders pushing for an official 4-day workweek

Amidst the shifts that AI is bringing, Washington is all abuzz with the four-day workweek. Senator Bernie Sanders is stirring the pot with a new bill proposing a 32-hour workweek as the standard in the U.S. Though it's facing a tough battle in the current political climate, the idea is igniting some serious conversations about work-life balance and the future of work in an era dominated by technology and AI. Imagine the possibilities for productivity and job satisfaction, especially in the tech sector where changes happen at lightning speed.

Companies like Kickstarter have already jumped on board, showcasing the positive impacts of a shorter workweek, from enhanced focus to a better balance between personal and professional life. With tech leading the way in adopting AI and automation, this shift could significantly alter how we define a workweek. Research backs up the move, suggesting that a shorter workweek could lead to less burnout, reduced absenteeism, and a more energized workforce. The push towards this change is seen not as a rebellion against corporate norms but as a stride towards a more balanced, productive work environment.

Key takeaways:

  • A 32-hour workweek could become a reality in the U.S., changing the landscape of work as we know it.

  • The tech industry, already at the forefront of adopting AI and automation, might lead the charge in implementing shorter workweeks.

  • Early adopters of the four-day workweek, like Kickstarter, report increased productivity and better work-life balance.

  • Research suggests that a shorter workweek could reduce burnout and absenteeism, potentially creating a healthier work environment.

  • The push for a four-day workweek is not seen as anti-corporate but as a move towards a more balanced, focused workforce.

Actionable Next Steps:

AI is presenting the strongest case for shortening work weeks as it helps empower employees to be more efficient with many daily tasks. With that said, don’t be caught with without a basic understanding of how AI can empower your role.

  • Sign up for a free ChatGPT account and just start playing around. Getting familiar with generative AI will provide valuable insight into how parts of your job will eventually be phased out.

  • Sign up for AI newsletters such as The Rundown or Ben’s Bites to stay in the know of the latest developments so you can plan accordingly.

  • Check out Peter Yang’s free AI course that we spotlight down below 👇


7 Days of AI by Peter Yang

Peter Yang has 10+ years leading product teams at Meta, Amazon, Reddit, and Roblox. He’s created valuable PM content through best-selling books, Twitter & LinkedIn content, and his weekly newsletter, Creator Economy.

Now, he’s created a free 7-day guide that has everything you need to use AI to create better content, save time, and improve your daily life. Below is a breakdown of what the guide will go over.

  • Day 1. How Large Language Models (LLMs) Actually Work

  • Day 2. 3 Essential Tips to Level Up Your AI Prompts

  • Day 3. How to Build Your Personal AI Writing Assistant

  • Day 4. How to Create GPTs to Do Your Work for You

  • Day 5. My Favorite AI Tools to Create Images, Videos, and More

  • Day 6. 5 Ways to Use AI to Improve Your Everyday Life

  • Day 7. How Product Teams at Top Companies Build AI Products

As mentioned above, no matter what your role in tech is, it will be affected by AI and you don’t want to get caught not having the foresight to see how you should be preparing.


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