Increase hire-ability with AI: This wave is here to stay

You need to become an AI cyborg, Peloton making deep cuts, is Braintrust the future of job seeking?

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  • 🧑‍✈️ Increase hire-ability with AI: The wave is here to stay

  • 📉 Peloton is cutting 15% of its workforce, Luminar, Motional, Brilliant

  • 📰 A new survey of job seekers found that 70% of Gen Z asked their parents to help them find a job

  • 🔦 Braintrust - where jobs, AI, and cryptocurrency converge

📉 Notable Layoffs this Week

  • Smart home startup Brilliant has run out of cash, closing doors

  • Self-driving technology firm Motional is laying off some staff as part of a restructuring, Reuters reports.

  • Luminar is laying off 140 employees, or about 20% of its workforce, as it outsources some lidar production, TechCrunch writes.

  • Peloton is cutting 15% of its workforce, or roughly 400 jobs, the company said. Its CEO is also stepping down as the brand faces sinking sales.

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🧑‍✈️ Increase hire-ability with AI: This wave is here to stay

Microsoft and LinkedIn recently released their Work Trend Index Annual Report which reveals that AI adoption in the workplace is skyrocketing (shocker!)

As the digital landscape evolves, the integration of AI into our daily work routines is no longer a distant future but a vivid present. Staggering percentages of professionals are adopting AI tools to keep pace with the accelerating demands of modern work, it's clear that the era of 'bring your own AI' (BYOAI) has arrived.

As we reshape how we manage workloads and redefine productivity, we cannot fall behind in our ability to use AI, or we will get left in the dust.

Key Takeaways From the Report:

  • AI Assistants Infiltrate the Workplace: Employees across all age groups are increasingly bringing their own AI tools to the workplace to manage the growing pace and volume of work.

  • The Burnout Battle: About 68% of workers report struggling with the current pace and volume of work, with 46% feeling the burnout effects, highlighting the need for AI to alleviate these pressures.

  • Email Overload: The study reveals that 85% of emails are read in under 15 seconds, indicating a high level of email saturation that AI tools could help manage more efficiently.

  • The Rise of the Digital Water Cooler: The data shows that employees spend 60% of their time in communication apps and only 40% in creative applications, suggesting a potential area where AI can enhance productivity by streamlining communication processes.

  • AI Upskilling for the Masses: AI is seen as a tool that elevates skills across various roles, enabling entry-level workers to engage in more strategic projects and enhancing uniquely human skills such as management and critical thinking.

  • Surviving the AI Shift: Organizations that understand and leverage AI capabilities effectively will not only retain but also attract top talent, positioning themselves as leaders in the future of work.

Don’t Get Left Behind, Learn and Use AI


  1. The Rundown - A daily newsletter providing concise summaries of key events, diverse topics, and insights from experienced writers.

  2. The Neuron - Get the AI trends and tools you need to know to stay ahead of the curve

  3. Superhuman - A daily newsletter summarizing the latest AI developments and trends.

Twitter Accounts:

  1. Greg Brockman - CEO of OpenAI, writing about OpenAI’s developments and algorithms.

  2. Demis Hassabis - CEO of DeepMind, often retweeting what’s going on at DeepMind and discussing complex AI issues.

  3. Andrew Ng - Co-Founder of Coursera, tweeting about the latest industry events, conferences, and ML/AI-related programs.

  4. Mira Murati - CTO @ OpenAI


  1. r/artificial - A community discussing AI and its applications, with a weekly roundup of news and updates.

  2. r/automate - A place for the discussion of automation, additive manufacturing, robotics, AI, and all the other tools we've created to enable a global paradise free of menial labor.

Top AI Tools to Get Familiar With:

  1. ChatGPT: The OG of generative chat. Get familiar with prompting and generating content as it will show you in what ways your current job will need to evolve. Other similar chat platforms are Perplexity, Gemini, and Claude.

  2. Midjourney: The OG of generative images. Midjourney lets you provide a prompt and it will give you 4 images of what it thinks you want. As with ChatGPT, the output is only as good as its input.

  3. Runway: The OG of generative video. Sora is soon to come out and possibly blow the competition out of the water.

  4. Udio: The OG of generative music. Another to note is Suno.

  5. Dora: The new player in generative websites.

As you can see, the use cases for AI are exploding and it is unavoidable now that we must become cyborgs or die fighting against it.

🔦 Tool Spotlight: Braintrust - where jobs, AI, and cryptocurrency converge

Braintrust operates at the intersection of job/hiring, AI, and cryptocurrency. I know right, but hear me out. After creating an account, users are invited to a partake in a candidate screening process powered by Hireflix {shrug}

You’ll conduct a one-way screening interview and if you are approved, you’ll be provided with an Approved Talent badge which is required before they can share their job applications with employers. While this creates some onboarding friction, ultimately it puts you in good company if you put in the work.

Each user also has a wallet where you can earn BTRST tokens. These tokens have actual monetary value and can be traded on major exchanges such as Coinbase. Becoming Approved Talent, referring new Talent, and referring new clients are a few ways to earn tokens.

So once, you’re approved and ready to go, you can start applying to roles from their internal job board, or you can refer others and earn BTRST tokens from those referrals.

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