More Job Flexibility on the Way! FTC Votes to End Noncompete Clauses

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🧑‍✈️ How the new noncompete ruling could change the job market

What happened?

So, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) just decided on Tuesday that they will adopt a new rule that will soon ban new work agreements that previously prevented workers from switching jobs to competitors. However, it will let existing noncompetes remain for certain senior execs (whatevs). This would apply to an estimated 30 million workers in the U.S., according to FTC data.

Not even 24 hours later, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce decides that the FTC has overstepped its boundaries and that they need to be sued.

Motivators to keep in mind:

FTC: They want this legislation to boost competition and stop unfair practices. It aims to make the job market fairer and more dynamic, which could lead to higher wages, more innovation, and more jobs. This aligns with their goal to protect workers' economic freedoms and keep the market healthy.

U.S Chamber of Commerce: They think this rule goes beyond what the government should do and could hurt American businesses. They argue it might limit companies’ flexibility to protect their interests and stay ahead in the market, seeing it as an unnecessary government intrusion that could dampen business competitiveness.

What is a noncompete agreement?

Typically, a non-compete agreement includes several key elements:

  1. Duration: Specifies the length of time after leaving a company during which an employee cannot work for competitors.

  2. Geographic Scope: Defines the geographical area where the restrictions apply.

  3. Scope of Activities: Details the specific types of work or roles the employee is restricted from engaging in.

  4. Consideration: Describes what the employee receives in return for agreeing to the non-compete, such as a job offer, promotion, or special training.

These elements are designed to protect a company’s proprietary information and prevent unfair competition, but must be balanced to be enforceable and fair to the employee.

How does this affect you?


  • Increased Job Flexibility: You’ll have the freedom to switch companies or even start your own venture without being tied down by a noncompete.

  • Possibly Better Job Offers: Companies might enhance job offers to attract and retain talent since they can’t rely on noncompetes.


  • Legal Uncertainty: Ongoing legal challenges could make it unclear about what’s allowed, possibly complicating career decisions.

  • Reduced Training Opportunities: Some companies might invest less in training if they fear employees could leave soon after.

What can I do?

Given this new, potential legislation, here’s what you have control over:

  1. Review Current Contracts: Check if your existing employment contract includes a noncompete clause and how this new rule might affect its enforceability.

  2. Stay Informed: Keep up with news about the legislation, especially as it faces legal challenges, to understand how it may impact your career decisions.

  3. Plan Your Moves: With potentially increased job mobility, consider exploring opportunities that were previously restricted.

  4. Seek Advice: Consult with a legal expert if you're uncertain about how this change impacts your specific situation or future job changes.

  5. Evaluate Job Offers Carefully: As the job market adapts, look at how prospective employers craft job offers and any clauses related to competition or confidentiality.

Are you / have you been familiar with the details of your noncompete agreements?

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💼 Customer support roles a plenty!

On LinkedIn, Maxime Manseau (Co-founder, VP Support @ Birdie) has compiled a giant list of Support job openings for Apirl along with the ideal point of contact. Talk about a silver platter!

Here a handful from the list, and a link to the full post below:

Link to the full list of jobs


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📉 Google lays off workers as part of ‘pretty large-scale’ restructuring

A Google spokesperson mentioned to Business Insider that the company would be implementing ‘pretty large-scale’ changes, but did not reveal the number of affected employees.

Some positions will be relocated to other U.S. offices and international locations, as part of Google's ongoing expansion in cities like Bangalore, Mexico City, Dublin, and Atlanta. The company aims to focus on efficiency and align resources with major product priorities, simplifying struct– blah blah blah [insert templated company excuses here].

Other Notable Layoffs this Week:

  • Stellantis is laying off an unspecified number of factory employees in the coming months, Yahoo! reports.

  • Nike is cutting about 740 jobs at its global headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, Reuters reports. It's the "second phase" of a 2% reduction in order to cut costs. The layoffs will affect a total of more than 1,600 people, according to The Wall Street Journal.

  • Lululemon is closing its Washington distribution center and laying off 128 employees, CNBC reports.

  • Brevan Howard Asset Management is laying off around 100 of its 1,100 employees to streamline operations, Bloomberg reports.

  • AI startup Stability is cutting 10% of its workforce, or around 20 employees, after its CEO departed in March, according to CNBC.


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