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Legalizing the "right to disconnect", big Apple layoff, "strong" job market has a weak foundation

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Westbound Equity Partners is a $100M+ fund that is focused on capitalizing underrepresented founders and investing in companies serving underrepresented consumers.

As they work closely with early stage companies to help bring their big ideas to life, a big part of that is helping them build their teams with the most talented tech professionals.

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📉 Apple laying off 600 from Apple Car and Apple Watch display projects

Notable Layoffs this Week:

  • Apple laid off at least 600 employees after shutting down its Apple car and smartwatch display projects, Bloomberg reports.

  • Neutrogena is shutting down its Los Angeles office and laying off 84 people, Bloomberg reports, though 74 of those employees have already been offered relocation and jobs in other areas of the company.

  • Netflix is planning to cut 15 jobs as it reorganizes its film department, The Hollywood Reporter writes, citing anonymous sources.

  • Spirit Airlines is furloughing 260 pilots as part of a plan to "boost liquidity" in the next few year, CNBC reports.

  • Best Buy has laid off some of its Geek Squad tech support and repair team employees as the company shifts its focus to ares like health and artificial intelligence, The Verge writes.

  • Amylyx Pharmaceuticals is laying off 70% of its roughly 384 employees after pulling its ALS drug Relyvrio off the market, FiercePharma reports.

  • McKinsey is cutting around 360 jobs in areas like design, data engineering, cloud and software, Bloomberg reports, citing anonymous sources. The layoffs impact around 3% of the firm's 12,000 employees.

Poll results from last week:

In case you were interested in last week’s poll where we asked what you thought of McKinsey’s 9-month severance package and if you would go for it.

87.5% said ‘👍 Obviously’, and I think we should take this as a solid signal that employees are hopeful that 9 months from now, the economy will be strong enough to find another job. Either that, or we’re all just not great at long term planning 🤷‍♀️



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